Welcome dear User,
Market.Game has just started and is not well known among famous and big markets in this field. So, in celebration of our opening, we have some limited time offers that enables you to get game source codes and other assets that you need for free!
To do this, you just have to use your personal referral link (Login/Register to see your personal referral link) to introduce our market in social medias, blogs, game forums or anywhere that you think people may be interested in and by inviting your friends, colleagues and others who might be interested in Market.Game and its services, you will earn some free gems.
For now, each user that visits the website using your link and signs up in it, will give you 10 gems for free. In Market.Game, a gem equals 1$. So, if you want to purchase 100$ worth of games’ source codes, graphics or other game related assets, you just have to invite 10 people to our website.
Just note that these conditions are for the market’s opening ceremony, so they will not last forever!